Alzheimer disease

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Prevalence (%) of clinical parameters based on data from 4 references describing 460 individuals

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List of symptoms

Symptom/sign Organ system Percent affected Pubmed id Added on(yyyy-mm-dd) Edit/add reference
Dementia nervous 100 % 15534185 2013-08-22
Cerebral atrophy nervous 100 % 23303849 2016-12-22
Brain amyloid accumulation nervous 89 % 24179789 2019-02-07
Myoclonus nervous 61 % 15534185 2013-08-22
Limb dyspraxia nervous 44 % 15534185 2013-08-22
Anosmia nervous 23 % 16170073 2013-11-04
Hyperactive reflexes nervous 22 % 15534185 2013-08-22
Late visual disorientation nervous 17 % 15534185 2013-08-22
Seizures nervous 17 % 15534185 2013-08-22
Gait disturbances nervous 17 % 15534185 2013-08-22

List of references:

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Anosmia is very common in the Lewy body variant of Alzheimer's disease.
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