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Ataxia with selective vitamin E deficiency

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List of symptoms

Symptom/sign Organ system Percent affected Pubmed id Added on(yyyy-mm-dd) Edit/add reference
Areflexia nervous 100 % 15300460 2011-10-19
Pes cavus skeletal 94 % 15300460 2011-10-11
Dysarthria nervous 88 % 15300460 2011-10-11
Babinski's sign nervous 86 % 15300460 2011-10-11
Ataxia nervous 75 % 15300460 2011-10-11
Head titubation nervous 73 % 15953402 2011-10-11
Visual acuity decrease nervous 73 % 15953402 2011-10-11
Scoliosis skeletal 69 % 15300460 2011-10-11
Cerebellar atrophy nervous 45 % 15300460 2011-10-11
Tremor nervous 44 % 15300460 2011-10-11
Cardiomyopathy circulatory 31 % 15953402 2011-10-11
Retinitis pigmentosa nervous 27 % 15953402 2011-10-11
Retinitis pigmentosa nervous 13 % 15300460 2011-10-11
Cardiomyopathy circulatory 7 % 15300460 2011-10-11

List of references:

Ataxia with isolated vitamin E deficiency: neurological phenotype, clinical follow-up and novel mutations in TTPA gene in Italian families.
C Mariotti, C Gellera, M Rimoldi, R Mineri, G Uziel, G Zorzi, D Pareyson, G Piccolo, D Gambi, S Piacentini, F Squitieri, R Capra, B Castellotti, S Di Donato,

Ataxia with vitamin E deficiency (AVED) is a rare autosomal recessive neurodegenerative disorder due to mutations in the alpha-tocopherol transfer protein (TTPA) gene on chromosome 8q13. AVED patients have progressive spinocerebellar symptoms and markedly reduced plasma levels of vitamin E. We studied neurological phenotype at diagnosis, and long-term effect of vitamin E supplementation in 16 patients from 12 Italian families. The most common mutations were the 744delA and 513insTT. Two novel TTPA mutations were identified: a severe truncating mutation (219insAT) in a homozygous patient, and a Gly246Arg missense mutation (G246R) in a compound heterozygous patient. The missense mutation was associated with a mild and slowly progressive form of the disease. Vitamin E supplementation therapy allowed a stabilization of the neurological conditions in most of the patients. However, development of spasticity and retinitis pigmentosa was noted in a few patients during therapy. Prompt genetic characterization of AVED patients may allow an effective early treatment and an adequate genetic counseling.

Neurological sciences : official journal of the Italian Neurological Society and of the Italian Society of Clinical Neurophysiology - Jul 2004

Vitamin E deficiency ataxia with (744 del A) mutation on alpha-TTP gene: genetic and clinical peculiarities in Moroccan patients.
Naima Marzouki, Ali Benomar, Mohamed Yahyaoui, Nezha Birouk, Mohamed Elouazzani, Taib Chkili, Mohamed Benlemlih,

Ataxia with vitamin E deficiency (AVED) is an autosomal recessive disease characterized clinically by neurological symptoms with often striking resemblance to those of Friedreich's ataxia (FA). Molecular analysis is needed for an early differential diagnosis, in order to initiate therapeutic vitamin E supplementation before damage develops. We studied 16 patients from seven Moroccan families presenting an autosomal recessive Friedreich-like ataxia with vitamin E deficiency. Our patients were homozygous for 744 del A mutation of alpha-TTP gene. Compilation of clinical records revealed a great phenotypic variability and some features indicating a new possible role of vitamin E in hypothalamo-hypophysial system regulation and cardiomyopathy prevention. Early vitamin E supplementation may provide considerable improvement of neurological signs and other associated abnormalities. Clinical heterogeneity is for involvement of other non-genetic defect and indicated another role of vitamin E, which should be better studied.

European journal of medical genetics -

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