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Welcome to the mitochondrial and progeria database. On this site you can find information regarding the clinical features seen in mitochondrial diseases, premature aging diseases (progerias) and many other genetic diseases. You can even test if some symptoms resemble what is seen in mitochondrial disorders or progerias. To facilitate this analyzis we created various tools to quantitatively determine if a disease could be caused by mitochondrial pathology or be a progeria. We recommend reading our tutorial to familiarize yourself with the database.

If you wish you can test a disease test a disease using our clustering algorithms to see how it associates with the diseases in the database. You can also investigate the traits most often associated with mitochondrial diseases or explore how the diseases cluster with each other. It is also possible to investigate how the diseases are associated with each other in the network section.

We created this site for the scientific community to investigate possible links between clinical symptoms seen in genetic diseases and mitochondrial pathology. The idea was based on the observation that several rare diseases of unknown etiology displayed similar clinical presentation to known mitochondrial diseases. Here is a brief overview of the data used to create the database.

Use the form below to test if a disease correlates with the known diseases in the database. Fill out the boxes with the traits observed in the disease of interest. Because the same trait often has several names you will get the most accurate result if you use traits that are already in the database. You can choose those from the drop down list. After you have filled out the form with all the traits push test disease to see your result.

We highly recommend using a html-5 compliant browser such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox when testing a disease. Internet explorer is unfortunately not compatible with several features in the database.

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